Camper Vans, Storm Troopers, Mud Cake, and One Happy Couple


Everybody loves a good wedding don’t they? It’s a time that sees two people madly in love  joined in matrimony (finally, for god’s sake), you have beautiful photos to commemorate the day, and you get to see your family- who make the day extra special when they’ve had a few drinks.
This past weekend, if you follow my foodstagram, you’ll know by now that I was a bridesmaid, along with my cousin’s girlfriend Marti, to my aunt and her now husband, Tom. I say weekend in place of just this past Sunday because I spent the whole weekend with this side of my family, something that rarely happens and is always a laugh. Anyway, I know that some of you want to know what I actually got up to- I forget that none of you follow my personal IG account (too many incriminating/embarrassing photos I’m afraid), and so haven’t seen any of the weekend and wedding highlights. Well, now you can. It’s a lot of stuff to fit into one blog post, and so I’ll keep it short and sweet…

Saturday meant mani-pedis for the bridesmaids and a shave for the groom and best man (the bride had already had 4 hours of pampering beforehand). Our beauticians were amazing and did a really great job- even I don’t want to go near my feet. This last weekend was also the week that Newark had a fun fair, an amazing market (with food stalls, as the pictures show), and a rock and roll band stomping about.

That evening we headed to ZiZi’s to meet up with the groom’s family, whom neither my mum or I had spoken to before. I can’t see there being any problems with the in-laws: both Tom’s mother and sister were pretty damn cool. They took the champagne from ZiZi’s and, whilst we got the bride settled in for the night, went and drank it in the local poppy field. This poppy field featured in some of the wedding photos too, it’s a little way out of the centre of Newark, if you live there or are in the area give it a visit. The green of the grass just suddenly, seamlessly, turns this intense scarlet hue- as far as the eye can see. It’s like mother nature decided to go Marilyn Monroe. I saw it at sunset too, which made it all the more breath-taking.

Sunday morning and the bridesmaids head over for breakfast with the bride, and to have hair and makeup done. We had a slight panic when the dresses wouldn’t fit over the hair and makeup, but everything worked out okay in the end. And I needn’t have worried about foundation marks, as I only spilt food down my dress later anyway.
The bride looked stunning in a long dress, with lace detailing over a sweetheart neckline, and a vintage- style handcrafted hair piece gracing her red hair (even if, I hear, this lace dress pattern is now sunburnt onto her skin for a little while to come. But at least this temporary tattoo is more beautiful than some of the not so flattering photos I managed to take).

Transport meant a campervan for the girls…

…before arriving at the registry office and sweeping into the room in style. Marti and I were impressed with how the best man had scrubbed up, but were also right about the fact he would be wearing fashionably unmatched socks. Now, I can tell the groom will fit right into my family; at the end of the service when a chosen song was playing the CD began to jump, and as the registrar ran over to fix it, a storm trooper walked in. Needless to say, after he had escorted the bride and groom down the isle, we all had a great time taking photos with him outside. In fact, I probably enjoyed this way too much for a sober nineteen year old.

For some reason there was also a Middle Ages event in the grounds of the castle backing onto the registry office, which just meant even more IG worthy pictures…

Although I think that my gran got into it the most…

Finally, we all headed over to the reception venue, The Ram, whilst the bride and groom headed off to have some pictures taken with the poppies. We were well supplied with alcohol, and so we managed to pass the time okay. Skipping forwards a little, the reception meal meant a mixed vegetable soup with warm bread, a roast dinner (I opted for veggie as I’m not that keen on roast beef), and then the wedding cake, a chocolate mud cake, for dessert.

Before we massacred the cake it looked stunning:

We had many speeches, some of which were emotional, some were hilarious, and one of which impressed the English Literature student in me. My aunt and her husband met on a dating website called They were married on a Midsummer’s Day, which carried on well into a Midsummer Night. And in Tom’s speech he quoted the epilogue of what is rapidly becoming one of my favourite plays ( I saw it performed by my lecturers and third years just before leaving uni for the summer, which you can read about here: ). This is it:

If we shadows have offended,

Think but this, and all is mended,

That you have but slumber’d here

While these visions did appear.

And this weak and idle theme,

No more yielding but a dream,

Gentles, do not reprehend:

if you pardon, we will mend:

And, as I am an honest Puck,

If we have unearned luck

Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,

We will make amends ere long;

Else the Puck a liar call;

So, good night unto you all.

Give me your hands, if we be friends,

And Robin shall restore amends.
They then served the food and all tranquillity and higher thoughts went down the drain, but it was nice while it lasted.



 So that was my aunt, and now uncle’s I suppose (I think I’ll stick to calling him Tom- Thomas for special occasions), wedding day. There are so many more pictures I could have shown you (trust me my phone took quite a battering), but I hope that you enjoyed reading this. And all that remains is for me to wish the happy couple an amazing honeymoon, a long and happy marriage, and the patience to put up with the nutcase family Tom has married in to.


5 thoughts on “Camper Vans, Storm Troopers, Mud Cake, and One Happy Couple

  1. As an Instagram follower mainly (ELESICON), I'm just used to seeing, at most, your thumb… as you hold something nourishing most likely… and for some reason became convinced you were very tall! These photos seem to disprove that 😛


  2. Haha I'm incredibly sorry that my thumb gave you the wrong impression there Sam 🙂 I'm actually pretty short- around 5'4. I mention this in my 50 Random Facts post! I would love to be quite a bit taller, and so am thrilled my IG gives that impression to be honest…


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