Naked Nibbles Review

It is no secret that I love my nakd bars. I call my morning snack, when it’s a nakd bar, “nakd time”. Which usually gets mixed reactions. The bars come in a wide range of flavours already, but I’d nearly exhausted these when some little packets appeared in my local Asda. And then Sainbury’s, and then Tesco’s too! Some of the flavours did not appeal to me – the ‘Fruit Salad’ one to be exact. I like my fruit salad as a fruit salad, and the memories of chewy, supposedly fruit salad flavoured sweets still haunt me at times. But, for you guys, I pledged that I would try them all. All of the ones I could get my hands on at least. Which meant a whole lot of nakd time. Which I was absolutely fine with.

The nibbles are tiny little balls of nakd bar goodness, I deal for snacking on and sprinkling over food. If you’ve tried all of the flavours nakd manufacture in their bars then these are an ideal way of trying a handful of new flavours, as all of the nibbles are flavours unavailable in the bars. In each packet you get a good amount of nibbles, unlike those crisp packets we’ve all had that contain more air than potato. I find the bars filling, and also great for mid-morning/afternoon energy boosts- also tend to chop them up and throw them onto yoghurt. So what do nakd say about their range of nibbles? Well, they say this: “Whilst the flavours may differ, what doesn’t change is the goodness packed into each and every Nibble. Made with nothing but fruits, nuts and a little natural flavouring, our Nibbles are 100% natural which makes them the ideal tasty snack for when you want something sweet. What’s more, they are wheat, gluten and dairy free meaning that just about anyone can munch them without a worry!”. Nakd pride themselves on providing healthy and delicious snacks, that are vegan friendly, gluten free, and contain no nasty surprises. What I also love is that they’re a young British company, and that both their packaging and website (linked here: ) is full of humour. I particularly like the “Meet the Team” page, for the snapshots of the nakd crew- some of whom have funny photo faces nailed. If you click on each staff member you get a run down of what they’re most likely to be heard saying/ seen doing, their favourite things, their favourite nakd product, some “blasts from the past” info on them… The impression that they are a small, family-esque company is strong, and it’s something that instantly made me go “awww!”.

The nibbles all seem to be sweet shop themed, which gave me high hopes, as I know that nakd do dessert flavours (Bakewell Tart, Banana Bread, Cashew Cookie, and Pecan Pie are some of my favourite bars) extremely well. And I have to say, these don’t disappoint…

Toffee Treat-
I was pleasantly surprised to find that these actually do taste like toffee. If you have a sweet tooth searching for something a little more rich than sickly opt for these. I can see myself sprinkling these onto yoghurt along with melted dark chocolate in the near future to honest.

Strawberries & Cream
Probably the sweetest of all of the flavours I have tried, and so a must have if you love your desserts. These taste like a bowl of strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream. The strawberry flavour, as with all of nakd’s delicious flavours, is very natural. So even if you aren’t a sweet person (like me) you would probably still enjoy this flavour. They can become a little sickly due to the intensity of the flavour, but you’re safe in knowing you can indulge in this whilst actually enjoying a healthy snack.

Fruit Salad-
I wasn’t planning on trying this flavour, purely because the distinctly un-fruit like  “fruit salad” flavour doesn’t appeal to me. If you like the fruit salad chewy sweets then this is definitely a great healthy alternative for you. I’m not sure what the main flavour of fruit salad sweets is meant to be, but these did taste and smell exactly like the sweets, with the added benefit that you know it’s all natural. Looking at what “fruit salad” is generally considered to be (#Google) it seems that the term means raspberry and pineapple flavoured; these nibbles do have the tropical smell and flavour of pineapple, and the sweetness of raspberry. If you need to kick your addiction to Fruit Salad sweets then go and stock up on these.

Coconut Bliss-
Another flavour you guys have told me is your favourite. And I have to admit, I’m with you on that one. These have a fairly strong, but very natural, coconut flavour. The main ingredients listed (the little list on the back of the packet, not the full ingredients list) include cashews, raisins, and cocoa, along with the coconut. I think that the cocoa flavour is very subtle, but then I eat 90% dark chocolate so I am used to very strong cocoa content. I could really taste the sweetness of the raisins, and the tropical coconut. These also have tiny little shreds of coconut in them, and as texture is something that I search for in all food- chunks mean that the food actually contains what it says it does.

Salted Caramel-
Over on IG a lot of you have told me that this was your favourite flavour, and so when I first got my hands on them I was ready for something good. And I got it. The flavour of salted caramel is at its strongest when you first pop these into your mouth. The fact these were caramel flavour had me slightly worried about how cloyingly sweet they would be, but fortunately for me they aren’t as sweet as traditional caramel flavoured products, due to the “salted” element. Although the salt isn’t strong (I could definitely take a little more salt on these) it does prevent these nibbles being too claggy, and gives a more grown up take on this sweet shop flavour.

So there you go, that’s my review on the Nakd nibbles. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting this research for you all, because it involved a lot of eating. The only flavours I didn’t get to try are the Tooty Fruity, and the Mint Humbug flavour, as they aren’t stocked in any shops near me- which is extremely unfortunate, as mint flavoured things are often my all time favourites. All in all, a great new product that means I can now indulge in even more nakd time- they’ll be on my go-to snack list for some time to come. On a video on nakd’s YouTube channel ( nakd team member Jamie comments that “a lot of our social ills are connected to how we eat”, and that the “wholefood revolution…will change things significantly”. I couldn’t agree more, and nakd as a food company seem to be providing us with a stepping stone towards this- one nibble at a time.


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