Two Weeks of Workouts

What does a typical week of workouts look like for me? Originally, way back when I first started working out, I would just pick a workout or two each day and follow along- haphazard, but effective and great for a complete beginner. I got to just work with what I felt like each and every morning. I didn’t plan out what I was going to do. And that worked for a while, but when I lost the weight I wanted to lose, and then wanted to tone up, that didn’t work so well anymore. Suddenly I had to plan. But being a highly organised person that didn’t really bother me very much. I began to just write down the workouts I would perform each day, leaving one rest day. At first I would work my total body every morning- with YouTube videos it’s actually possible to do that, as most of them are only 10-20 minutes long, and can be highly effective. But, finally, a few months ago I actually organised my workout schedule into what it is now: I alternate ‘Total Body’ with ‘Legs and Lower’, ‘Abs and Core’, and then ‘Arms and Back’, and leave 1-2 rest days in my schedule to give my muscles chance to recover. All of the workouts I do can be found on YouTube, or on Pinterest, as a gym membership isn’t something I can afford right now. The only one not on these sites is the “Davina McCall 15 Minute Body Blast”, which was from a magazine. All you need is a laptop, pen and paper, and possibly a yoga mat and weights depending on your choice of workout.

Below, I’m going to show you what two weeks of workouts looks like for me. Then, below this, I’ll be giving you guys some tips on how to create your own workout schedules, and things to consider when you’re creating them. During the weeks I am going to show you I was actually completing the 30 day yoga challenge by Yoga With Adriene, and so that is what I refer to when I mention yoga. (As usual: I am not a personal trainer, sports scientist, nutritionist, dietician, or wizard. Please do not take what I saw as law, or follow this as a work out plan send from the gods. This is what works for me, and you need to find what works for you!)

Two Weeks of Workouts

Week 1
Monday (Total Body)- Yoga Day 24; Carly Rowena Total Body Fat Burn Bootcamp; Blogilates Pumped Up Cardio Warm Up; Blogilates Total Body with Ana Caban; 15 minute jog
Tuesday (Core)- Yoga Day 25; Blogilates Playa del Plank; Carly Rowena 3 Minute Abs Workout; Blogilates Fat Blast Cardio Warm Up
Wednesday (Arms and Back)- Yoga Day 26;  Popsugar 5 Minute Sexy, Sculpted Arm Workout x2 ; 20 of each… Back Extentions + 1/2 Cobra Push Ups + Standing Shoulder Presses + Bicep Curls + Skull Crushers
Thursday- Rest Day (day trip to Newcastle)
Friday (Total Body) Yoga Day 28 and Day 6; Blogilates Fat Burn Cardio Warm Up; Tone It Up Love Your Total Body Routine; 10 of each… squats and deadlifts
Saturday (Lower Body)- Yoga Day 29; Blogilates Quick Cardio Warm Up; 10 of each… fire hydrants, heel kicks, squats, bridges, pointed butt lifts
Sunday-  (Total Body) Yoga Day 30; Blogilates 8 Minute Swimsuit Slimdown

Week 2
Monday (Total Body)- Blogilates Fat Burning Cardio Warm Up; Carly Rowena Total Body Fat Burn Bootcamp; Sleek & Strong PopSugar Fitness Workout (found on Pinterest)
Tuesday (Back and Arms)- Blogilates Gangnam Style Cardio Dance Workout; Blogilates Backless Dress Workout; PopSugar Fitness Tightest Arms in Town Workout
Wednesday (Total Body)- Blogilates Pick Me Up Quickie Workout; Blogilates Fat Burning Cardio Warm Up
Thursday (Abs and Core) – Superplank Workout (Pinterest)- 2 different variations; 6 Minute Abs Yoga With Adriene; Blogilates Fat Burn Cardio Warm Up
Friday (Lower Body)- 20 x fire hydrants, heel kicks, bridges, squats, pointed butt lifts; Blogilates Calf Challenge; Tone It Up Bikini Booty Routine
Saturday (Total Body)- Davina McCaul 15 Minute Body Blast
Sunday- Rest Day (bridesmaid duty)

These are what I actually did during the two weeks, and the original workout schedules I came up with looked a little different; this is the beauty of planning though. If I know that on Tuesday I am working my arms and back, but really am not feeling the workouts I have planned to do, I can easily search for similar workouts on YouTube or Pinterest that are shorter/longer/more intense/less intense. Working out should be fun and rewarding- although it should challenge you it shouldn’t leave you feeling completely drained and unmotivated. On mornings after I finish a late night or shift at work, I may want to do yoga and leave weights until another day. Being flexible with your workout is something I think is key to continuing to enjoy them.
So what are my tips for making your own workout schedule? Well, here you go…

6 Steps To Workout Planning

  1. Consider what time of the day you want to workout. (Morning, afternoon, evening, you can even split up the exercise you do throughout the day if you get the chance. The first or the latter are my favourites)
  2. Which days of the week are you going to possibly be more/less motivated? (I know that Monday, after my rest day, I am the most motivated. My motivation tends to dip mid week as I become tired; knowing this I can plan to do more relaxed/ shorter/ more fun/ my favourite videos on my less motivated days. Sometimes, I may just work on my flexibility and take a wind- down day)
  3. How long can you spend working out? (I just pick a few videos, usually totalling 20-30 minutes per day. Combined with walking around this keeps me active)
  4. What types of exercise do you enjoy? (Pilates, yoga, weights, dance, walking, running- whatever floats your boat)
  5. What equipment do you have available? (are you working out at home or in a gym? Do you have dumbbells/ankle weights/yoga mat/running shoes?) Choose workout videos or exercises accordingly.
  6. Don’t bite off more than you can chew (Write down a few videos/exercises per day to begin with, and gradually build up. Remember, if you want to add to the videos you’ve written down you can)


8 thoughts on “Two Weeks of Workouts

  1. Hey Em, great post! Do you do all the workouts listed in one day in one day? 🙂 as in do you do all Monday ones on Monday or do you choose just one/a few?


  2. Hi Elli! Thanks so much for your comment, and compliment on the post 🙂 The workouts listed next to each day in the week are the workouts I would do for that day- so all of the ones listed next to Monday in Week 1, I would do on that Monday. I usually do the majority of the videos in the morning, and then spread the remaining ones out through the day. Sometimes I decide to swap one workout for a different one depending on how I'm feeling! It just helps me to have a rough guide. Hope that helps! 🙂


  3. Great! I was just a bit confused as you said further down your post your videos/workouts for a day would be around 30 min and I thought the ones you listed combined longer than that 🙂 really like your blog by the way so keep the posts coming 🙂 all the best


  4. I see! I always aim for 30 minutes, but sometimes end up adding more on if I'm feeling like moving around a bit more- 30 minutes is my average on a normal day. I'm so glad that you like the blog though, thank you for letting me know! Can I ask, are then any particular posts you like seeing/ would want to see? 🙂


  5. I like the mixture of posts that you do, food, fitness, inspirational quotes, everything. Liked the BBC experience posts as well(I used to work there!) – I am going to try that Indian market restaurant in Ravenscourt Park you liked! Sounds great!


  6. Wow thank you! As if you used to work at the BBC- was it actually on the Good Food team or on another publication? I hope that you enjoy your trip to Potli; I came home and visited our local curry house and sadly found that I now compare everything there to that lovely little restaurant!


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