Quotespirational Monday 15/06/15

It’s amazing how those three simple words sum up so much, and also what a huge difference they can make to a day. If you read my blog regularly then you’ll probably have seen my review of a book called Mindfulness On The Go by Padraig O’Morain (if not you can read it here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/mindfulness-on-go-my-review.html ) , and this quote ties in perfectly to mindfulness: the art of being completely in the present.
So much of our time we waste either worrying about the future, or wishing we were somewhere else, or allowing things that have happened to spoil what we do now. We can think back to events where we have felt humiliated, angry, sad, or let down, and allow the emotions from then to leak into now. This week I want you to try and stop letting the past/future spoil your now. I also want you to (and I’m going to try too of course), to stop wishing you were elsewhere when you really cant make time go any faster. Focus completely on the moment you are in; you can’t flip a fast forward switch so why not enjoy where you are? Sometimes when I’m doing yoga I find myself wishing that the YouTube video would hurry up and move on- the 20 minutes must be nearly up now surely?? I have things to do, I’m a busy person! *has a really long “watch later” playlist on YouTube to catch up with, and breakfast to eat*. Thing is, would it really kill me to just follow the video, and instead of wishing I was in the future just be in the now? When I allow myself to be present now things actually go much faster. Try it: give your work 100% of your attention, stop wishing it was happy hour, and you’ll be amazed at how much less stressed you become, and also how much more quickly that time is up.
Wishing we were somewhere else or thinking about another time can really steal moments we regret paying little attention to later. I’m not saying don’t learn from the past, or plan for the future. Just don’t constantly live in those times either. Yesterday I was desperately waiting to find out if I would be working Sunday evening. I checked my Gmail account again and again, worried about how I was going to fit everything in, snapped at people, stubbed my toe which is irrelevant but made everything a whole lot worse, and was basically no fun to be around. I was living in the future, and not the now. Once I decided to live in the now? I felt less stressed, I stopped snapping at my family as much- and half an hour later I found out I would only be working Monday and Wednesday. I had to laugh at how much time I had wasted that morning.
So guys, enjoy your week, live in the now, and enjoy whatever it is your present is bugging you with- because it may never bug you with the same thing again.
Have a great week,

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