DIY Inspiration Board

I admit it. Sometimes I have absolutely no motivation. To do anything. Having a shower is pushing it, and shaving my legs is damn near impossible- let alone opening up my laptop and working out for 30 minutes or so. But how can you boost your motivation that little bit more, without resorting to perpetually staring at potentially toxic “fitspo” images of ripped bodies on your IG feed?

Well, first things first remove all of those “fitspo” accounts that encourage hating yourself as much as “thinspo” does, from your feed. Yes, unfollow them all. Now go follow accounts that post pictures of health and fitness role models that are a little more real. The ones who post pictures of cupcakes sometimes. As a general rule, I won’t follow any account that doesn’t encourage treating yourself occasionally. My favourites are Scola Dondo, Blogilates, and Carly Rowena. Okay, you are now ready for the DIY part. Get yourself a large board you can use to form a collage on, some glue, scissors, and you’re ready to get going…

  1. Scroll through these accounts, and your Pinterest, and collect any images that you love. I went for images of healthy food and drink, inspirational quotes, and pictures of my favourite fitness gurus doing yoga, or running etc. Be sure to include images that encourage you to appreciate your body for what it is too- I opted for one in particular that says in bold black font “You are amazing just the way you are”. Because it’s true.
  2. Print these images, and cut them out.
  3. Arrange these images on to the board, and once you’re happy glue them down.
  4. Got white gaps ruining your collage? Google “Positive Affirmations” and write a few of your favourites into the gaps; they’re great to get you feeling on top of the world in the morning. Pick one each day and repeat it to yourself on a loop. Doodle on the white gaps too if you feel like it: I drew in my dumbbells for example.
  5. Finally, hang this on your wall and gaze at your handiwork lovingly, with a smug expression, every day.

That’s it guys, short and sweet! It doesn’t sound like much to get you motivated, but I find that this really, really works. Having the pictures I always return to looking at for inspiration on my wall does help to keep me reaching for what I want. My board doesn’t contain multiple  pictures of perfect six packs either: focus on the health side. Go for images that make you feel happy, and motivated, but that focus on health and not some end result. Trust me, with those things motivating you, you can’t go far wrong.


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