Quotespirational Monday 08/06/15

Finding Nemo
Before we get into this, I am not a Nemo fan. I’m sorry guys, I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. Now Shrek is a different thing. That is a touching and beautiful portrayal of how appearances don’t necessarily indicate a person’s true character. And I have a thing for the Scottish accent- I really wish I had one. But, this quote popped into my head yesterday, and when a quote pops into my head, it’s there for a reason.
Yesterday, having arrived home from Newcastle very late on Friday, and spending all of Saturday unpacking, I walked the 40 ish minutes to the closest place I could possibly hand in my CV to get a job. Because without a job I have no way of saving for the summer, or paying for the gym membership that I promised my little brother I would try and get, so that we could be a sibling gym team. I walking around for close to 2 hours giving out CVs: some places told me I had to apply online too. About 50% of the places I went. One particular restaurant I gave my CV to in April rang me to arrange an interview but I was unfortunately in Newcastle, they said they would ring back but never did. I ran them yesterday as I would love to work there, and they said they’d ring back. They didn’t. I sound like a besotted tween, but maybe they were just busy. I hope. So, I headed back home, frustrated, disappointed, and internally bemoaning my lack of employer attracting capabilities. Blogging may be considered an achievement in a university capacity, but it doesn’t cut the mustard with employers.
I got in, made some lunch, sat down, and took a few deep breaths. I would give this one last shot or two. I tried online applications for Subway- I don’t have two references. My final attempts were sending a couple of copies of my CV out to restaurants which are fairly local. I place of the super formal heading “Summer Work”, I titled them “Can I Moo-ve In?” (applied to a grill restaurant) and “Curry Loving Student Seeks Summer Work” (a curry house). I tried to get across my passion for food, and how just being nice to the people you’re working with or serving can really turn their day around. I was emailed back by one in around an hour. I actually have a job interview guys. I cannot tell you just how excited I am!
Moral of the story: just keep going. I handed out my first round of summer CVs in April, after many, many previous attempts to find work, and am only just (fingers very tightly crossed, because my interview is at a really cool looking place) starting to get somewhere. So this week stay calm, take a deep breath, and just keep on swimming as best you can. Hey, maybe Nemo does have some kind of message…
Have a great week,


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