May Favourites

Humans Of New York (Brandon Stanton)-I’m a huge fan of the blog, but an even bigger fan of the book. Books just feel so much nicer to flick through. This contains pictures of people in New York, and then a few lines giving you some of their story.
The Diamond as Big as The Ritz (F. Scott Fitzgerald)- I picked this copy up for £1.99 in Oxfam- perk of living in a student city: the charity shops are great for cast off books. Fitzgerald is probably my favourite writer, and this book of short stories is beautiful. The story that gives the book its title is particularly great.
Paperchase Backpack- Recently I’ve noticed that my left shoulder aches from carrying around a beautiful shoulder bag I bought from Peacocks, and so when I saw this with 30% off I jumped at the chance to own it. Carries loads, and my shoulder no longer hurts.
Heatable Hooty-If you’ve read my 50 Random Fact then you know I can’t sleep without a hot water bottle. This is similar to a hot water bottle, but owl shaped and resembling a soft toy; you microwave it, and it smells like lavender.
Mindfulness On The Go- Another book! Really helped to chill me out and reduce stress levels. I have a full review of it here:
Songs- Cheerleader (OMI), The Wolf (Mumford & Sons)
Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Banana & Honey Facepack-Smells great, left my skin feeling like silk.
Tea Tree Oil- This has been a lifesaver recently. I pop it onto spots with a cotton bud and it dries them out wonderfully.
Nspa Body Brush- I have very dry skin on my arms and legs, but when you’re sharing a shower exfoliation isn’t really an option. So, I use this every morning and before showers. It has seriously begun to improve my skin!
The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Eau De Cologne- I used to have a Jo Malone Cologne that smelt similar to this, but this is more suited to my budget. Smells light, sweet, and just reminds me of gorgeous summer days when everyone is cutting the grass.
Mint Juleps (Pitcher & Piano)- Wanted to try it since reading The Great Gatsby, didn’t fail to impress.
Watermelon and Sage Long Drink (The Botanist)- Tried this on a cocktail tour of Newcastle I recently did with a friend. Super refreshing.
Dr Stuart Detox Tea- In conjunction with the above alcoholic drinks, this just makes me feel a whole lot better the day after. I also love herbal teas in general, so it was bound to be a winner.
Quilliam’s Iced Latte- Quilliam’s is an independent tearoom located right next to my uni, and they serve the single best iced latte I’ve ever tasted. I take mine unsweetened, and this is when you can tell if it’s a good iced coffee or not; they haven’t burnt the beans one time.

Tofu- If you follow my IG then you’ll know that baked tofu with chilli and smoked paprika is a huge favourite of mine right now.
Pitcher & Piano Flourless Chocolate Brownie- Had this for my birthday dessert, and it was one of the best brownies I’ve ever had. Soft, gooey, and tasting more like cocoa than sickly sweet chocolate. Came with salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream.
Chickpeas and avocado – A winning combination in lunch time salads right now.
The Collective Dairy Straight Up Yoghurt- This yoghurt is super creamy and delicious, as well as being wonderfully thick in texture. I’ve begun using it in overnight oats, and think that I would struggle to go back.
Quilliam’s Vegan Chocolate & Banana Cake- Possibly my favourite cake right now. Cocoa-y, sweet, light, and delicious.

Blog- PopSugar Fitness My ‘Fitness’ board on Pinterest is packed with workouts from this blog, and so I had to mention it. I love the standing abs workout and the dumbbell arms workout I found on this site.
IG Account- healthyeatingemma I’ve watched this account grow and change for quite a while now. Emma is amazing, and her pictures are beautiful. Lots of colour and delicious looking food. She also posts pictures of brownie, cakes, and sweets: I love a balanced account.
YouTube Channel- Carly Rowena Recently I’ve been looking for some more inspiring YouTubers, ones who actually seem down to earth but still make me want to get up and do something. Carly is just glowing with health and positivity, but also loves chocolate. Winning combination.
YouTube Workout- 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene I’ve gotten into yoga in a big way recently. This 30 day challenge is something I look forward to every morning or evening, and is gradually increasing my flexibility and also my core, arm, and leg strength. My June goal is to complete the perfect vinyasa. 

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