Quotespirational Monday 01/06/15

“Those who matter don’t mind,
and those who mind don’t matter”
-Dr Seuss   
A good friend of mine recently posted this quote on her Facebook account, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had found my newest Quotespirational Monday post. Because it fitted in so perfectly with a conversation I had with another friend. About salad. And about how people judge you for wanting salad when you go out to eat. And it made me think, we can be judged for all kinds of crazy stuff. Ordering salad, what we eat and our reasoning behind it (applies to vegans and non-vegans), what we wear, what we choose to study at uni, what we do for a job. Sometimes people are genuinely trying to offer you some advice, and are exhibiting genuine concern when they express disinclination at what you choose to do. Other times you want to punch them in the face.
When I published a post on binge eating about a week ago now for the next hour this was on a loop in my head: What if people don’t talk to me anymore? What if they think I’m a hypocrite? What if I’m a basket case and they feel like they have to feel sorry for me? (that one has always been in my head)- and then: what the f**k does it matter?
People who try to make fun of you, or seriously mind something about you, they aren’t worth your time. They never will be. If someone cant accept a little bit of you, then they don’t deserve the rest of you. This applies to choosing salad off of a menu, if you have struggled with mental health, if you like girls, if you like boys, if you like both, if you want a tattoo, if you don’t want to drink, if you don’t want to be a medic but a trapeze artist. I don’t care as long as you are a good person.

People who make you feel worthless aren’t worth spending your life trying to please. So, this week, order than salad, kiss that girl/guy/both/neither, wear what you want to wear and do what you want to do with your life. You get one life, and that is yours- don’t spend it trying to please people who refuse to be pleased.

Have a great week guys,

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