So I’m 19 Now?!

As anyone who follows me on IG will know, yesterday was my birthday! And as such with birthdays I got up to some (I thought) pretty cool stuff. So, for anyone who wants an idea of what I got up to I’ll give you a run down of some of the key things I enjoyed to celebrate turning 19…

7 am and I was awake and ready to start my day. It was actually pretty pleasant to not have my parents/dog wake me up, too excited about my birthday to allow me to sleep peacefully. So, how I like to spend my birthday mornings? I know it’s probably odd to some of you, but I began with a workout. Workouts are part of my “Me Time” on a daily basis, and I usually enjoy completing them. Today it was two ten minute abs workouts, and then 25 minutes of yoga, before getting myself all washed and dressed and then heading to our flat kitchen to make a cuppa and a little fruit salad (I sound like a goddess of health right now- that impression will wear off as the post goes on). My flat is always silent this time of the morning and so I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. Now, my kitchen knife permanently lives on our drainer, but today I couldn’t find it. Opening my cupboard to search for said knife, I found my sleepy flatmates had left me a card with tabasco taped to it. Aren’t they sweet everyone?

11am and my parents rocked up at my accommodation, to then journey down to Ernest, one of my favourite brunch places in Newcastle. Unfortunately my little brother is doing his AS levels, and had a revision day, so couldn’t come up. However, we’ll be celebrating once I get home. He won’t be getting out of spending time with his sister that easily. This was also the time I paused to open some cards and gifts, and reply to FB messages and texts that kept my phone on permanent vibrate pretty much all morning. Let me tell you guys, I love it when people take time choosing me a card, I really think that you can tell. One of my oldest friends actually got in contact with my mum and send me a card through my parents- it was so unexpected and super lovely of them! Many of you know I am now (unofficially) pescetarian, and so Ernest’s natural smoked haddock on sourdough with spinach and two poached eggs really hit the spot. I do have a review of this place coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s quirky-cool, with Darth Vader spray painted onto the side of the building, holding a tray with wine on, and a cabinet of star wars figurines inside. There are also multiple glitter balls, a blow up kangaroo, and origami birds dotted about. So, what did I get for my birthday? Well, plenty of books, and snacks (Naked, Meridian, and Bounce did well out of my birthday), a pair of beautiful earrings from my brother (he has scarily good taste in them for a 17 year old male), and a Rotary watch!! I was completely thrown by the last one, as it was so unexpected. It’s beautiful; I love guy’s watches and have wanted one where I can see the mechanism inside forever now, and my family chose it to a T.

Following this, as some people had very kindly sent me some money, we went to Eldon Square for a little shopping spree. These things are rare now I’m a student; I begrudge spending more than a fiver on most things. Now, I never buy skirts. The last time I wore a skirt was when I was in primary school, a good 14 years ago now. But yesterday I actually bought a skirt. A kind of mid calf fitted thing, with an Aztec print on it. I’m thinking with a black top and heels it’ll be perfect for nights out, and with flats or sandals ideal for classier occasions. I also bought some of The Body Shop’s green tea perfume, which smells just like a Jo Malone cologne I used to use, but is about a 1/3 of the price thank god.

(Not that you guys would be able to tell, but I paused writing there for a substantial amount of time because a friend popped up in the student union- we should both be revising, but you know…said friend just put a picture on Facebook of herself sat in a paddling pool whilst holding a bottle of vodka and crying, with the caption “How’s revision going Amy?”. That should indicate exactly how our revision is going)

Anyway, after shopping we headed down to the quayside, and to The Pitcher & Piano. I have never visited here before, but have long nursed a desire to go. Their food is amazing, as the pictures will indicate. Flourless chocolate brownies just won a place in my heart people. As did mint juleps (espresso martinis were already in there). I have wanted to try mint juleps since reading The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald is my favourite writer by the way), and finally I achieved this life goal. Another life goal was achieved in that this place had wallpaper with otters on. Otters holding fans. Otters are my favourite animals. I considered this a sign. A sign I could order another drink, because that’s what the otter would want.

So, post meal my parents headed home, and I headed back to my flat in order to chill with my flatmates, and then with a facepack, a cup of tea, and my new book Humans Of New York. I actually ended up reading this for close to two hours solid; anyone who is into photography, or New York, or likes people watching (I am a huge people watcher) try to get your hands on it.

And that concludes my birthday rambling. I hope that you all enjoyed that post, and comment below with how you like to spend your birthdays- wild night out or chilling out? As for me, I should probably go and cram a little extra knowledge into my head for that exam tomorrow…


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