Quotespirational Monday 25/05/15

Carpe Diem
The above quote is Latin, and you’ve probably seen it before- numerous times. It translates as “seize the day”, and in its perfect simplicity is one of my all time favourite quotes. I have no idea if I pronounce it correctly, and I care even less- it still carries the same message.
This week just gone I’ve been reading a book on mindfulness (review coming under the relevant section of the blog in the next day or so), and that book really hammers home the message of living in the moment. The quote “Carpe Diem” does the same thing for me: it reminds me to live in this moment. To seize whatever it is that life throws at me and work the hell with it. I’m not saying live like there’s no tomorrow in the sense of drink every cocktail you can get your hands on, don’t work out, sleep, or do any school/uni/career work. Part of seizing the day, if you’re slightly OCD like me, can be to plan ahead. It helps you to make the most of the opportunities that you’re offered. Basically, however you do it, make the most of this day. Daydreaming is fine, but don’t wish away today forming dreams about tomorrow- seize today and use it as a stepping stone towards them.
This week coming up I want (and you may want to as well) to treat every single day as equally important, and grab the moment I’m in by the kahonies. Because I may never get the chance to grab the same kahonies again.
Have a great week guys

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