Quotespirational Monday 11/05/15


Recently body shaming has been bothering me- a lot. I have a multitude of videos about it on my “Watch Later” YouTube playlist: ones offering inspiration, confronting the shamers, actually doing the shaming so that I can get an understanding of what the response videos are addressing, offering support to those going through it. I’m not sure exactly when it became okay for adults (yes, adults, because that’s what we, and these shamers, are), to leave malicious comments on people’s YouTube videos, IG accounts, Twitter, and Facebook. Or to make videos victimising people. I’m not sure when it became okay for anybody to hide behind a screen and ruin another person’s day.

About two weeks ago I ended up buying a new phone. And guess what I found built into the camera? An airbrushing tool. I can now erase my pores, slim my face, and make my eyes larger- on my own phone. I’ll tell you all now: initially I was so tempted to use the face slimming feature. My cheeks resemble a chipmunk with a mouthful of Wotsits when I smile- but that is what my face looks like. But what happens, I wondered, when I put the settings back to normal? And suddenly my face isn’t good enough any more? When that filter goes away, you still look the same. So why change it for a new profile picture or tweet?

Today’s Quotespirational was also influenced by a couple of people. One is Cassey Ho. I have followed this YouTuber from when I discovered YouTube. Her workouts have helped me make my body into something that I am (the majority of the time- I won’t even pretend there aren’t days I’m unhappy with it, because that’s life) proud of. I am proud of how strong my legs have become, my arms have become, and my core has become. I am proud of what my imperfect body can do. And I am proud of this woman for posting her The “Perfect” Body video, because it truly has helped me (link to it right here guys, in case you’ve been living under a rock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsL7W-GHhJA)
The second person? My mum. It’s cliché, it’s soppy- but it’s also true. My mum was diagnosed with Lymphoma almost a year ago now, and even when her chemo made her hair fall out she was still one of the most beautiful people I know. Because she doesn’t have to look perfect to be beautiful.

Today I want you all to know that a beautiful thing is NEVER perfect. Because the most beautiful things are real, and real things have imperfections. Real things break and have to be glued back together. Real things have stories behind them. Real bodies aren’t airbrushed or sculpted or distorted by computer programmes. You are real, and you don’t owe anyone perfect.

And the features on my camera? My friends and I had great fun with those…

Have a great week guys,

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