Quotespirational Monday 04/05/15

Giving up a goal because of one set back
 is like slashing your other three tyres
because you got one flat

This quote made me laugh. And I like quotes that are able to do that, because most of them leave me sitting there contemplating life, the universe, and everything for at least five minutes. The other thing that I like about this quote, is that it’s true.
These words apply to healthy lifestyle goals, goals on your career, uni life, in relationships…think back to the last time something went wrong, or set you back. Did you throw in the towel, yell “F**k it, I’m done!”, or did you pick yourself up and carry on? Those of you who chose the latter are probably closer to your goal, whether you’ve moved millimetres towards it, or travelled miles.
Encountering a set back is like stubbing your toe: for the first few minutes it’s the single most painful and frustrating thing you have ever done. You hop around on one foot, cursing your life decisions, the most recent one being walking into the cabinet/door. And then the pain gradually goes away. And you sit down, still holding your foot, and take a few deep breaths. And then you get up, put on some shoes, and walk out of that door. And you probably stub your toe again the next day, but does it stop you from walking out of that door? No, it doesn’t. Set backs will happen, but they don’t stop you from continuing to work at those goals. They can be painful to deal with, but after a few deep breaths you can put on your imaginary shoes (Nikes, Louboutins, whatever floats your boat- or maybe even an imaginary tiara), walk out of that door, and show the world what you’re made of… 

Have a great week everyone,

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