The YouTube Addict’s Gym

Do you lack the funds for a gym membership? Upset that you can’t sit and watch people flex and share changing rooms with more than slightly intimidating demi-goddesses, or worse, that person who unrestrainedly stares while you get changed? Then this is the post for you.
I have had a gym membership in the past, and whilst I had it, I loved it. When I came to uni I signed up for a “silver membership” at the sports centre- only to find that this didn’t actually allow me access to the gym itself, and I would have to pay £2 per exercise class. Needless to say, a little bit of me died inside. However, I have always been a huge fan of YouTube workouts. When I first got into exercise, and wasn’t sure where to begin, this is where I headed. Which means that now I have a very long list of workouts for each part of your body. Some are cardio, many are Pilates, all are ideal/adaptable for beginners. I’ve recently gotten into strength training via YouTube, but that will require a post of its own. If anyone finds this useful, I can give you an example of what I do in a week videos wise to keep myself fit and well.

This is NOT a definitive list; hopefully once you begin with these videos you’ll do a little exploring of these channels, and find your own favourite workouts. My personal favourites list is too incredibly long to put all of them up here, but these are my recommendations if you’re just starting out. The trainers in each of these videos are great at guiding you through the moves, and encouraging you to keep going. All are short videos too (which I feel is important) in order to keep you focused, as well as fitting in to a busy schedule…

Total Body Toning
  • Tone It Up- Love Your Total Body Workout
  • Blogilates- Pick Me Up Quickie; Total Body Pilates Workout with Ana Caban; Pop Pilates for Beginners Total Body Workout
  • Popsugar Fitness- Victoria Secret Model Workout: 10 minute fat blasting circuit
  • Tara Stiles- Total Body Holiday Yoga Workout
  • Tiffany Rothe- Get Your Sexy Back
Arms & Back
  • Blogilates- Want U Back Arm Challenge; Applause Arms; Pop Pilates Backless Dress Workout
  • Sarah Fit- Makeover Workout: Toned Arms in 2013
  • Tone It Up- Fine Toning Arm Routine: Tone It Up Tuesdays
  • Fitness Blender- Tank Top Arms Workout
  • BONUS: Get onto Pinterest (or Google, or YouTube) and search these moves, then do 20 reps of each: standing shoulder presses, bicep curls, reverse rows, tricep dips, back extentions, arm circles forwards, arm circles backwards.
Legs & Boot-ay
  • Blogilates- Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge; Butt Lift and Slim Thighs Pop Pilates Beach Series; Bubble Butt (good for beginners); 5 Best Thigh Slimming Exercises.
  • Scola Dondo- Azonto Workout (it’s actually a dance workout, but your legs will burn)
  • BONUS: Go to Blogilates website and look for her 30 Day Butt Challenge; Pinterest/ Google these moves and do 20 reps to begin with: deadlifts, sumo squats, forward lunges, backward lunges, narrow squats, curtsey lunges.
  • Blogilates- 8 Minute Abs; Bloat Banishing Workout; 50 Facts The Workout (love this one, because I adore roll ups)
  • Fitness Blender – 10 min Abs Workout At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises
  • Scola Dondo- Morning Abs Workout (this one is great for mornings you have minimal time)
  • Tiffany Rothe- The Bikini Abs Workout
Relax & Stretch
  • Tara Stiles- Yoga For Digestion; Routine for Deep Sleep; Calming Yoga Routine
  • Blogilates- Relax With Me Stretches; Feel Good Soul Stretches
  • Fitness Blender- Fast 5 Minute Cool Down and Stretching Workout For Busy People (this is great when you workout in the morning and need to pick up the pace a bit)

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