Quotespirational Monday 27/04/15

“She Decided To Start Living The Life She Imagined
Last week I had a conversation with a good friend regarding what we wanted our futures to look like. I’m not talking in a rigid “1/5/10 years from now goals…” way, but a kind of hazy-snapshots-of-where-I’ll-be way. My friend, let’s call her G, wanted at some point a mock Tudor house, with a vegetable patch, herb garden, two dogs, enough rooms for her two children, her and her husband, and myself and E when we came to visit. The walls would be hung with their own art, there would be a recording studio/music room, it would be very open and airy. They would have this house, and it would be theirs, and they would not move (G has moved around a lot). What’s my vision for the future? At some point, and I wouldn’t be there forever, a small apartment in New York. Cosy, my own space, packed with books and the aromas of whatever I’ve been cooking. A small balcony with a little table and lanterns strung around it, like overgrown fireflies. I’ll be working in something to do with  food, or writing- hopefully both. The dream scenario is time at Women’s Health Magazine . Yes, maybe it sounds unreal, maybe it sounds like I’ve been watching too much Ugly Betty, but that’s my dream, and that’s the life I imagine.
More immediately, I imagine my life being one where I am full of energy every morning, and love working out. One where I socialise with the people most important to me, read, and eat good food, and laugh. I imagine a life where I attend the English Ball and the Tynemouth Food Festival come May, and then spend a summer travelling to meet my friends from uni who are scattered all over the country. Where I am a bridesmaid for my aunt, and make a good impression on my BBC Good Food work experience. These are more immediate life imaginings, ones that I can (with a little work) hopefully achieve more easily than an apartment in NY.  
This week I want to ask you to think of the sort of life you imagine, your ideal life. Write a list if you want (I love lists), of all other things you see when you close your eyes and think of your ideal life. Maybe they’re things you could work on now, right this minute, or over a few months- or may even take years to achieve. All of these things (or most of them; I know that visiting Narnia isn’t realistic, but I can dream) are possible. All you have to do is decide to start working towards them, and begin to live the life you imagine.
Have a great week guys,

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