How To Brighten a Bad Day…

We all have off days. Those perfect people you know? They have bad days. Those YouTubers you watch? They have bad days. But! You can turn a bad day around. Maybe you can’t change what has made it a bad day, but you are in control of how you feel. This is such a difficult concept to come to terms with, and yes, hands up I struggle with it too guys. How can you make yourself be happy, when everything is going wrong? And sometimes, I won’t lie, you just need a good cry. But once you’re done crying (I advocate just letting it all out to be honest), you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and take back a little bit of control. Below are some of my favourite ways of cheering myself up after a bad day, and for me they can really turn it around. If you have anything that turns a bad day around for you, then comment below- I would love to see some of your ideas…

 20 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around

  • Get Organised.

This may be the last thing you want to hear. But it helps to make your bed, clear up your space, maybe reply to a few emails, and get one or two jobs done. I feel much calmer once I’m organised.  

  • Eat good food.

 We all knew this one was coming, but for me it is right up there at the top. Prepare some meals that are healthy, nourishing, bright, and make you feel great. Yes the takeaway menu might be sat next to you being a seductive temptress- but some healthy comfort food is much better in the long run.

  • Take a shower/bath.

Use your favourite products, and wash your hair. This never fails to make me feel better. It’s like a soap sudded fresh start.

  • Spritz on your favourite perfume.

Instant mood lifter.

  • Write/talk it out.

Either speak to someone you know you can reply on, if this bad day is really getting to you, or if you feel like being alone (we’ve all been there) then write it out. What is making this a bad day? How do you feel about it? Just ramble away until you feel a little lighter.

  • Put on your ipod.

Great music can boost your mood. No sad songs allowed. Get a playlist together with all of your favourite happy tunes.

  • YouTube playlist.

If music isn’t appealing to you then create a YouTube playlist. I have a “Watch Later Playlist” as long as my arm, and it is a mix of all the videos I say I will watch later but never do. Guess what? Bad days require ME (or YOU) time, so get watching.

  • Do something crafty.

This can be so therapeutic. Make a collage of your favourite pictures, make some bracelet to distract your hands, draw/sketch/colour (Waterstones had some great art colouring books last time I was there), even get on Pinterest and create a new board on something that really interests you.

  • See a good friend, or family member.

If you aren’t feeling alone time, they go get a coffee or something with someone. Have a laugh, chill out, and a get a good old fashioned hug.

  • Wear a nice outfit- scrap that, wear your FAVOURITE outfit.

This is such a confidence boost on a bad day. In one Quotespirational Monday, I set myself the challenge to dress my best for one whole week. Guess what? It’s been carried on to this week too, because it makes me feel that much better.

  • Go somewhere you like being.

Window shop, go to a good café, or simply take a walk. To the right is a picture of the quayside here in Newcastle; I love to walk down Grey Street, along the quayside, and then up past the station.

  • Read a magazine or book with a hot drink.

This is especially good in relation to the previous tip. Take your reading material to a chilled out café and enjoy a warm cup of something.

  • Meditation.

Download an app with meditation music on it and simply focus on breathing (in-and-ooooouuuutttt), or if you aren’t used to meditation then get on to YouTube and watch some of the “You Have 4 Minutes- for mediation” from BexLife.

  • Disconnect

For even a small portion of your day, sign out of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Tinder, Snapchat, whatever you are on. You can’t look after yourself, if you aren’t focusing on yourself to begin with. Take some time just for you.

  • Hug an animal, if you have one.

My dog never escapes my clutches when I’m having a bad day. To be honest, dogs seem to sense when we aren’t feeling good, and usually mine tries to fix it.

  • Be nice to others.

You may not feel like doing this. You may feel like humankind owes you something today, or that you want the planet all to yourself. But that person you just glared at for not moving out of your way fast enough? They could well be having a worse day than you. It costs you nothing to smile at someone, hold a door open, or say ‘have a nice day’. It makes you feel good, and could be the one thing that brightens the other person’s day too.

  • Light exercise.

I’m not going to push this on you, because I feel like every “feel good” article does. I personally feel better for a short workout- yoga or weights via YouTube- it isn’t for everyone, so don’t feel bad if you just aren’t feeling it.

  • Watch a feel good film- either alone, or with some of your besties

My recommendations are Mean Girls, Easy A, White Chicks, The Other Woman (if you want a laugh), or something Disney. Preferably Tangled, or I know that Frozen is pretty popular (understatement of the century). For some reason The Great Gatsby, or The Hunger Games also appeal to me. Netflix or box sets are good too.

  • #Treatyoself

Having mentioned healthy food, now I come to this: get something you REALLY want. For me this might be dark chocolate, or sweet potato fries, or a brownie. Just don’t eat this stuff all day. Also, buy something non food: bubble bath, a magazine, a book, makeup- whatever is a treat for you. Don’t break the bank though, because that could lead to several more bad days…

  • Early night

Things will look better tomorrow, I promise.


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