Quotespirational Monday 20/04/15

                  “Be SOMEBODY
                                who makes EVERYONE
                               feel like a SOMEBODY

This actually has to be one of my all time favourite quotes. It’s short, sweet, and ridiculously inspiring. The way you make people feel stays with them longer than what you said, or did, or even what your name was, and the most powerful way of making someone’s day is to make them feel good. In turn it can brighten your mood. Because how much effort does it really take to tell someone they look fine today? Or to hold open a door, shoot someone a smile, or even just say ‘have a great day’ to a shop assistant? And the genuine surprise and happiness (most) people give you in return is the ultimate mood booster.
When you start treating everyone the way you would want them to treat you, as a somebody, I promise you that life becomes that little bit more amazing. Imagine yourself throwing rainbow sprinkles everywhere, and a unicorn grazing in the background. Yep, that amazing.
So, this week I want to challenge you to treat everyone as a somebody. I want you to listen to what they say carefully, with genuine interest (as far as is possible), smile at people, offer to help carry your flatmate’s shopping up the stairs, help out friends where you can. It can be difficult, yes. I’m not asking you to sit down, hold hands, and sing kumbaya with that girl in your seminar group you really can’t stand. But think why you can’t stand her: is it because she made you feel small? Like a nobody, and not a somebody? Chances are that the answer to that is a yes. And I’m going to assume that you don’t want to make the same mistake.

Have an amazing week guys,

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