‘The Great British Cupcakery’ Trip & Review

Food porn Friday No.2, on a Sunday! I know that it’s late, but I hope that with all of the cakey goodness I am about to treat you to, you shall forgive me. This week’s food porn is a Raspberry & Chocolate Scone with whipped cream and jam. And yes, it was every bit as delicious as it both sounds and looks. And get this: The Great British Cupcakery say that “Our mission is to provide the best quality cakes, cupcakes and more using the finest, freshest ingredients. We also try to avoid using artificial colours and flavourings in all of our recipes!” (see their FB page)

Today three friends and I walked down to the quayside, to a little ‘Bakehouse and Parlour’ known as The Great British Cupcakery. Now, I spotted this place a long time ago- months back, when my family were up visiting for the day. Unfortunately, we’d just eaten at an Italian, which was very good, but still not cake. I then walked past again after a trip to the quayside market on a girly weekend with my mum, but was in the process of dragging her to my favourite café, and so we didn’t visit then either. But today was the day.

We arrived at 11:30am, and tables were already reserved for way into the afternoon- every single table in sight (which isn’t many, this is a quaint and cosy place). However, the staff were happy to let us take a seat, as the reserved tables all had times on them for around 12:30ish. I’m assuming because anyone who took a sneaky glance at their sandwich menu would definitely want to ensure they had a seat.
Now, to the actual cakes. The counter was mesmerising. I have never seen a display of cakes that looked so beautiful I almost didn’t want to eat them. This display came so close to that- it was mesmerising. And they are all (I believe) made by hand. When I went in search of the toilets I walked downstairs only to be hit by a wall of that cake baking aroma that usually means you are in the presence of your gran. The girls on the till looked on as we first all stood gawping at the cakes, desperately trying to make the right decision, and not the wrong one which would inevitably haunt us for the rest of our lives. As it is with cakes. They also assumed the bemused but knowing look that most people struggle to master when I hop around taking pictures of anything and everything (they actually encourage it, listing their social media on a chalk board, so take a snap for your IG feed!).

My choice was between the Victoria Sponge Cake (several layers, just enough buttercream by the looks of it, topped with fresh fruit, and a sprinkling of icing sugar, which may as well have been a dusting of unicorn endorsed fairy dust), a Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cupcake (it would have been gone in seconds. Literally, seconds.), or a brownie (there was only Chocolate Fudge, or Creme Egg), or finally, a Chocolate & Raspberry Scone. The scone won, as you can see below….

I asked for mine with the cream and jam on the side, which was definitely a good idea, as later pictures will show. The service was fast, especially seen as they piped the whipped cream onto the scone (or in my case into a little dish, and then topped it with raspberries). The Great British Cupcakery also serve a wide selection of drinks including several teas, coffees, hot chocolate crowned with mountains whipped cream that no one was brave enough to take on, and soft drinks.

The scone itself was soft, with chunks of melting chocolate, and pocket of gooey raspberries. I ended up with chocolate all over my hands in trying to manoeuvre this thing into my mouth, it was studded with that many chocolate chunks. This may actually have been the single best scone I have ever consumed in my life so far. Two of my friends opted for the same thing, but with the cream and jam applied for them, creating a cake and cream feast of dizzy heights.

All in all this was the best way I can think of to spend my Sunday, and if you’re ever visiting Newcastle get yourself down to The Great British Cupcakery. I’ll include the address below, so that you can Google Map it, get lost, and then eventually find it 10 minutes later. Basically, head straight down Grey Street until you reach the swing bridge, then turn left down Queen Street. Next time I go (there will most definitely be a next time) I’ll be checking out some of the other scones they offer, a cupcake or two, and perhaps a slice of that Victoria Sponge. I had done a huge amount of IG and FB stalking of this place before today, and it seems that the cakes all change regularly. So unless there is a seriously special brownie, or coffee and walnut cake on offer, I’ll possibly (definitely) be thrown into those terrifying waves of indecision all over again.

15 Queen Street, Quayside, NE1 3UG Newcastle upon Tyne
Monday – Friday 9.30am-5pm
Saturday 9.30am – 6pm
Sunday 9.30am – 5pm

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