Quotespirational Monday 13/04/15

“You can never be overdressed or undereducated”
-Oscar Wilde
Today I begin my last term as a fresher. It means exams are right around the corner, and my work load steadily increasing. But you know what? I’m ready for it. Because starting my last freshman term also means that I get to see all of my amazing uni friends again!
On that note, to why I chose this particular quote:
  1. I am returning to my (very expensive) education after a four week holiday
  2. In seeing my friends I am also going to be seeing some fabulously dressed people
  3. Summer style has reignited my desire to dress well
Let’s focus in point No.2. Three of my friends, one in particular (I shall come to this) spring to mind when I think of fashion. All have impeccable taste in clothes. I’ll call them by the initial of their first name, and tell you a little about them…
P- London fashion lover. Basically knows what will be in the shops before the shops do, and writes for the fashion and beauty sections of our uni paper. Amazing night out style, always fashionably late- emphasis on the fashionable.
E- Tall, svelte, worked for our uni’s Raising and Giving week- as a model. Some of the loveliest jewellery in existence, and some of the best makeup. I have never seen anyone wear ripped jeans so well.  
S- Edgy, skinny jeans, boots, t-shirts, a signature blunt cut fringe and smooth black hair, and a necklace that I jealously gaze at like a magpie. It is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, a bullet on a thin chain.
All of these girls have the gift of dress sense. But for a moment I want to focus on P. Why her in particular? Well, to tell the truth she does something I have never been able to do: she rocks glasses. When I wear my glasses it is usually because I couldn’t ram my contacts in, I am wearing baggy jeans, scraggy tshirt, and my hair is up in a god awful bun. I never got past crying in Specsavers when told I needed specs to be honest. And it plays on the back of my mind that come summer I won’t be able to wear lenses everyday, but I also want to dress well when I don’t- not sit inside and curse my eyesight.
Before anyone jumps in say that I shouldn’t compare myself, I’m not. There is a difference between wanting to be someone, and being inspired by them. I don’t want to dress like these girls; they have inspired me to find my own sense of dress. When I dress my best it gives me a little lift. My confidence (which is always there regardless), is intensified and visible immediately. My mental theme tune flickers between Uptown Funk, Don’t Cha, and Milkshake. That means that this week I want to get inspired to dress my best every. single. day. My style is pretty minimalistic, but even in jeans and a tshirt, I shall rock that jeans and tshirt combo. Even when I wear my glasses I am going to make an effort. And I want you to do the same. Each day, get a little fancy- put on your favourite top that you usually keep “for best”, and so languishes in the back of a wardrobe until it doesn’t fit. Jazz up a tshirt with your favourite necklace. Anything that makes you feel good.
Have a great week guys


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