Pumpkin Pie Chia & Oat Pudding

I am fast becoming a pumpkin addict. From having rarely eaten pumpkin, I have gone to trying to fit it into at least one meal a day. Who doesn’t put it in smoothies, porridge, overnight oats, and on toast? It’s also because I have almost a whole can of pumpkin to use up. And it doesn’t seem to be disappearing. Seriously, as much as I use, it doesn’t seem to be going down.Β Add this to aΒ sachet of chia seeds languishing in my room, as yet un-used, plus some coconut milk, and a banana sunbathing in the kitchen, and you get this delicious and superfast breakfast. I grabbed this before running out of the door yesterday to go bridesmaid’s shopping, and you can even empty the pudding into a tub and take it on the go.
The recipe is vegan friendly, although if you aren’t vegan (like me) I can definitely recommend adding a dollop of cottage cheese, or yoghurt, to the top of the pudding.


  • 100g canned pumpkin (NOT pumpkin pie mix; you don’t want the added sugar, spices etc.)
  • 1/4 cup rolled oats/ porridge oats (just not the instant ones that come in sachets)
  • 1/4 cup Alpro coconut milk
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp ginger
  • Pinch of nutmeg
  • 10g walnuts, chopped into chunks
  • 8g white chia seeds (I used a little sachet I found in Tesco)
  • 1/2 very ripe banana
  • OPTIONAL: 2tsp low fat cottage cheese (to top)


  • In a bowl mash 1/2 the banana until very creamy in texture; the banana isn’t to add banana flavour, it just sweetens and adds creamy texture, so we don’t need the chunks.
  • Beat together the banana and pumpkin, before adding in the spices, and then the coconut milk.
  • To this add the oats, and stir into the mixture until well combined. Following this throw the chia seeds into the bowl, and again give the mixture a good stir until they are completely combined into the pudding.
  • Finally, fold the walnuts into the pudding until evenly distributed. I kept one walnut half back to decorate.
  • If you like, add 2tsp cottage cheese to the top of the pudding, and finish off by placing a walnut half on top, with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • Empty the mixture into a smaller dish and place into the fridge to chill over night. In the morning pull it out of the fridge and enjoy a great start to your day…

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