Quotespirational Monday 30/03/15

“A flower does not think of
competing with the
flower next to it.
It just blooms.”
Welcome to the first ever ‘Quotespirational Monday” on my blog! This is going to be a regular thing guys, as something to get you all pepped up (pretend that I did not use that phrase) for the week ahead. For my first quote I want to talk about something I’ve recently been experiencing myself, and that anyone (who is honest) experiences from time to time. I do this, my friends do this, my mum does this- I think that even my seventeen year old brother does this. Hell, my dog probably does this.
Comparison is an extremely difficult thing not to do. In small doses, I don’t think it does us any harm. Who doesn’t have a celebrity/friend/family member they look up to? Comparison can spur us on to achieve what we really want. But it can also make us feel like sh*t (I have no idea what age group read my blog- I’m assuming anyone over the age of ten can fill in that gap, which kind of defeats the point). I only began to realise that I was seriously comparing myself to other people a few days ago. That’s right, I only consciously noticed it a few days ago. And I wasn’t comparing myself to a model, or a celebrity, I was comparing myself to girls that I know on facebook. On instagram I was looking at pictures of abs and wondering how much work it would take to achieve that (too much, I decided). I think that a new kind of comparison is emerging, that of comparing ourselves to people who seem more real than those in magazines. And for me it isn’t just appearance; it’s primarily that, and achievements. People I’ve spoken to say that appearance, achievements, lifestyle, personality, intelligence, and possessions are all points of comparison for them. Why compare the size of my thighs to a Victoria’s Secret model, when I can compare them to the slightly blurry and drunken snaps of a girl from my seminar groups? Surely that’s a more achievable goal right? Um. No. I had to tell myself, no it’s not. Because she’s her, and I’m me. And you’re you. For every girl you compare yourself to, there will be another comparing herself to you.
I want you to imagine something for me, and remember it for the rest of the week: imagine that you are a flower. What colour are your petals? What shape are they? What is your scent? I bet that it’s a beautiful flower, and completely unique. That flower isn’t made less beautiful because of the flower growing next to it, because that one is unique too. I don’t look at a tulip and tell it to be a rose. If that flower one day thought ‘Right, f*ck it, I give up. My stem will never be that small!’, then it would be less beautiful, because it would never bloom fully. And if you compare yourself, if you give up on your own uniqueness, you never reach your full potential.
So, for the rest of this week keep that flower in your head, and try not to compare yourself. When you do (not if, but when) think of something unique to you, that you take pride in. Because I guarantee someone is looking at you in the same way.
Have a great week guys. 

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