March Favourites

Food & Drink

  • Alpro Coconut Milk – I only purchased this upon arriving back home from Newcastle for Easter, and so haven’t been using it long- but it has been used nearly every day. This isn’t as creamy in texture or taste as pure coconut milk, meaning that it is perfect in my smoothies, in baking, and also just as a snack in itself; try a mug either hot or cold as an evening snack.
  • Twinings Camomile & Honey Tea– I used to love this tea so much, and then (as with most things) forgot to repurchase it when I ran out. Well, during a fabulous girls evening with two of my friends a box of this was produced, ensuring we all chilled out and got a great nights sleep. This is what our sleepovers consist of: watching ‘Easy A’, ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’, and drinking camomile tea. I know, the wild life of students…
  • Olive & Bean (Newcastle) Iced Americanos- These are amazing; they blend the Americano up to give a perfect layer of froth on top. And unlike some places it doesn’t taste as if the coffee has been burnt beforehand. They also do iced mochas and lattes…
  • Dr Stuart Skin Purify Tea- This has been a favourite for a while now, since September 2014. I would like to say (hoping that I don’t jinx it) that my skin has been behaving itself a whole lot more since I began drinking it every morning. Even during the stress that is being a Fresher.
  • Jalou Cocktails Newcastle – Speaking of being a Fresher…this cocktail bar is located next to Newcastle Central Station, and makes some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tried. They have more of a fun feel to them than the sophisticated offerings of The Alchemist or The Botanist, but are delicious. This is where the infamous Cookie Monster Cocktail can be found. My own order was a Chocolate-Coconut cocktail, and I would definitely recommend it. Other great options are the Lemon Meringue, or Rhubarb & Custard. Don’t let the names put you off; surprisingly, these taste exactly like the desserts, not a bath bomb.

  • Curly Kale- In stews, in salads, as a side…I can’t get enough of it. I like to simply wilt it in the microwave with a pinch of mixed seasoning.
  • Poached Eggs- Nearly every café or restaurant I have visited this month have had their poached eggs examined by me. I have also made a lot of poached eggs. There’s just something so comforting about a perfectly runny egg yolk.
  • Microwave Cookies- Quick, easy, transportable, and good for you. I loved these as snacks during March. Check out the two recipes on my blog here:
  • Meridian Nut Butter- Almond butter, and cashew butter to name them specifically. Don’t let the oil separation put you off; it only happens because they contain nothing but nuts. Both are fabulous on porridge.

Non-Food Favourites

  • My Dumbbells– Left mine in Newcastle, and couldn’t go a month without them. Hence I bought a set for back at home as well; so many quick workouts I do depend on dumbbells to ramp up the intensity so that I don’t have to work for long.
  • New Blender- Technically it belongs to my parents, but I am the only one who has used this so far, to make many fantastic smoothies.
  • Owl Mug- A present from my brother, this has been holding my tea each and every morning.
  • Candles- A perk of being home is finally being allowed to light candles. At uni we aren’t trusted not to burn down the entire flat complex. The Yankee lemon cream candle found a special place in my heart this month, and the Christmas cookie one. I know it’s no longer Christmas, but I’m making up for lost candle-burning time.
  • Yes To Tomatoes Face pack- I use this clay mask twice a week, and it does wonders for my combination skin.


  • Magazine-  Mollie Makes Blogging (perfect for anyone trying to get a blog off the ground, easy to read, loads of tips and interesting interviews)
  • Book- The Monk
  • Instagram Account- Happsters (inspirational quotes to brighten your day)
  • Workout Channel- Tara Stiles Yoga (I do the yoga for digestion after meals out or if I’m feeling a little bloated, and it always does the trick. Multiple videos to give you a gentler workout, and wind down at the end of the day)
  • Eating Out- Ernest, Newcastle (Try the smoked haddock and poached eggs on toast- and get some chilli sauce on there too. Don’t forget to check out the coffee, and their collection of Star Wars figurines)
  • Song- Uptown Funk
  • Food Porn Favourite- Beef Burger with Sweet-Cure Bacon and Smoked Cheddar at Dick Hudson’s, Vintage Inns


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