Dick Hudson’s; A Restaurant Review

If you’ve read my ’50 Random Facts’ post, then you may remember me mentioning that my favourite restaurant is up on the moors near where I live, and that it serves some of the best pub grub around. Well, this is the place that I am going to talk about today. I am so happy to finally be writing a review for this restaurant on my blog, because it is possibly one of the places that I feel most relaxed; I have a long standing relationship with this pub and have visited multiple times over the years- to the point that whenever I book a table for just my mum and I (a return-from-uni-tradition) they put us on the same table, near a window for the view, and the fire for when it’s cold.

Dick Hudson’s is part of the Vintage Inns chain, a collection of cosy country pubs serving mouth-watering food, in surroundings that make it that bit easier to unwind. This particular pub is located on Bingley Moor, and if you live in the surrounding area of Bradford or Leeds then you probably know that this is the real life Wuthering Heights. If gorgeous views are what you’re after, then head here. I can recommend going at lunch time purely to see as far as possible, or in the evening to see the sun sinking; get a seat near a window if at all humanly possible.

So, to the food. Last night I opted for the following (I’ll give you the description from the menu):

‘British Beef Burger’ – minced steak, chargrilled and served in a crusty cob with smoked cheddar, sweetcure bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, with smoky tomato salsa and seasoned chips

‘Belgium Chocolate Brownie’ – with chocolate fudge sauce and vanilla  ice cream (V)

The burger was a major risk for me due to two reasons: the fact that I usually opt for the seared salmon, which I always enjoy, and that I also feel burgers usually consist of gargantuan portions. These leave me unable to move when I’m finished, until it’s time to be rolled to the car. I needn’t have worried. The burger was tender, with a pleasing meat: bread bun ratio, and enough cheese and mayo to add flavour, but not detract from the taste of the steak making up the burger. The chargrilling extended to the bacon too, adding that extra oomph. They didn’t scrimp on the portions, but I was pleased to see that my plate wasn’t groaning under a mountain of chips. Just see the picture for an indication of their perfect portion size judgement. The chips were crisp, hot, and not dripping in grease; dry, golden exterior with a fluffy heart of potato. The salsa is something that I could quite happily eat a vat of. If I could have stolen into the kitchen with a jar and taken some, I would have. Without hesitation. I would probably have kidnapped the chef too.
Dessert for me was a Belgium chocolate brownie, warmed and served with a white vanilla ice cream and rich chocolate sauce (I narrowed it down to a choice between this, chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake, or sticky toffee and apple pudding). One thing I have to add here is how fast the service is; I doubted that my brownie was warm when it came out, purely because the ice cream hadn’t even had chance to melt into a disappointing puddle. It didn’t have chance to get cold, even after a flurry of Instagram shots were taken (the food is so immaculately presented that you’re never sure whether to eat it, or google whether Vogue for food exists). For anyone who isn’t a dessert fan I can also recommend the coffees, which you can add flavoured syrups to, or even upgrade it to a liqueur coffee, with a shot of your choice of spirit or liqueur. Mini desserts and coffee are also available if you’re tummy is full, but you still want something a little naughty…

Fast service isn’t the only great thing about the team at Dick Hudson’s. Our two waiters last night (shout out to Jack and George), were fast with the service, but also took the time to chat to us, recommend desserts when we were unable to decide ourselves, and check that we had everything we could have wished for. They do go the extra mile here; when my parents let slip we were visiting them for my 18th back in May, they surprised us by decorating the table with tasteful sparkles.
At Dick Hudson’s you also don’t need to be afraid of asking for changes to dishes if you really want it; although I stuck to the menu last night, I usually ask for chips to be swapped to baby potatoes, or Mediterranean vegetables, and for sauces to be removed or put on the side. I would recommend becoming a “friend” of Dick Hudson’s in order to receive emails with offers too; we received a free glass of merlot last night, and I have (if I recall correctly) received 10% off of our bill in the past.

Below, I shall include some shots of the meals I have enjoyed at this restaurant, because the TripAdvisor ones never do it justice. If you can, check these dishes out. I shall also include a link to the Vintage Inns menu page for you to peruse…



Ultimate Chocolate Brownie Tower
Seared Salmon, crushed potatoes, Mediterranean vegetables
Chickpea & chorizo stew, with sweetcorn fritter, hake, and bread


Honey frozen yoghurt (summer menu)

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