50 Random Facts…

This is a tag which I have watched multiple versions of on YouTube, and read on several blogs. I love how random facts allow you to get to know a person just that little bit better, and so that’s why I’m sharing my facts here.  The ‘My Life’ section will be getting filled up with any adventures or tag posts I think you may enjoy reading, and what better way to start than with 50 completely random facts? If you’re still with me (and I hope that you are), I want you to leave some random facts about yourself in the comments below- what are the top five random things about yourself that come to mind? I want to get to know anyone reading my new blog that little bit better, and also let you guys know a little more about me and my life…

  1. I eat porridge pretty much every morning.
  2. I hate creamy sauces, and so can’t stand carbonara- but I am a spicy food fanatic.
  3. I was the only person in my A-Level food tech class.
  4. I have awful circulation; I actually have a disorder called Raynaud’s Disease.
  5. Blue is my favourite colour; anything sky blue or paler.
  6. I think that brownies may just be my favourite dessert. But only if they’re served warm.
  7. I have a pet dog, named Sapphie.
  8. ‘Easy A’ is my favourite film. Or ‘White Chicks’.
  9. Ugly Betty is my favourite box set (although I still haven’t watched them all).
  10. If I could meet any actress it would be Jennifer Lawrence.
  11. Even though I am a student I rarely drink, but…
  12. When I do, I love cocktail bars. I love them even when I’m ordering mocktails. My favourite is either The Alchemist, or Jalou.
  13. I also love watches where you can see the mechanisms inside, especially guys versions of these, as the women’s are always too sparkly.
  14. I am a huge morning person.
  15. My spirit animal would be an otter.
  16. One of my pet peeves in badly behaved children…
  17. …and another is noisy eaters.
  18. I love The Great Gatsby, and anything else by Fitzgerald.
  19. If you have a candle/drink/perfume/food/shower gel/perfume I will ask to smell it.
  20. I spend way too much time on You Tube.
  21. When my friend and I finished sixth form we went to Amsterdam, where I got shouted at by prostitutes in the red light district. I had no idea at the time that they didn’t like you taking pictures of the window displays.
  22. I hate having long nails; mine are always filed short with square tips.
  23. I can’t do any car journey, no matter how short, without my ipod.
  24. My favourite restaurant is on top of the moors near where I live; it’s delicious pub grub with a twist, and you can see for miles.
  25. My itunes ‘Recently Played’ playlist always consists of imagine dragons, Maroon 5, and Lana Del Ray.
  26. Paperchase is one of my favourite shops.
  27. I took up kickboxing for a short period of time.
  28. I am 5’4 and always have to turn up my jeans.
  29. 90% of the time I wear the same old brown Chelsea boots; I have re-purchased the same pair multiple times because I love them so much. This also indicates I need to stop shopping at Shoe Zone.
  30. I have one younger, 17 year old brother, who is 1ft taller than me, and can easily pick me up.
  31. My middle name is Rachel.
  32. I am short sighted, but hate wearing my glasses. This means I depend day to day on contact lenses- and that I didn’t leave anything on the floor to fall over when I get out of bed in the morning…
  33. As if in compensation for my eyesight, I have bat-like hearing. 
  34. I study English Literature and Creative Writing at Newcastle University.
  35. A clear night where I can see loads of stars is one of my favourite things in life.
  36. I have a stuffed toy otter bought from Scarborough Sea Life Centre, which I have had since I was 7 years old.
  37. I require a hot water bottle every. single. night. I find it difficult to sleep otherwise. I have no idea why.
  38. My favourite flowers are freesias, because of the scent.
  39. I would love to visit NYC, or LA…
  40. and also Japan.
  41. My favourite coffee is a skinny decaf cappuccino- no chocolate on top, but cinnamon instead. Yes, I do feel sorry for anyone who has to take that order first thing in the morning.
  42. I have two very obvious scars: one on my right foot where a door was opened over my foot and ripped the skin off, and another just under my chin from where I passed out and hit everything going on the way to the floor.
  43. I am Yorkshire born and bred.
  44. I average around 4000ml water per day- I carry a purple 850ml water bottle at all times, and get through about five of these per day.
  45. I am building a nut butter collection.
  46. My poached eggs have to be runny. Solid yolks just don’t cut it.
  47. I get ‘hangry’ when I haven’t eaten for a while.
  48. I have read all 154 of the sonnets in Shakespeare’s sonnet sequence.
  49. I was born in May.
  50. I am probably one of the most organised people you will ever meet.

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