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If you follow me over on Instagram, then you guys know that I love my food. My Instagram account is really how I started out; when recipes were required that were too long to fit into the comments, I created myself a little space of my own on the inter-web to share them. However, in early 2015 I decided that I wanted to publish a variety of different posts (still predominantly food), and felt that I had out grown my first ever blog ‘Healthy not Hungry’. This brings us to ‘Ecstatically Em’- a blog dedicated to food, reviews of food product and eateries, health and fitness tips, and a handful of posts on my life and ponderings.

I hope that you enjoy pottering around in my world, and that you find some seriously cool recipes to recreate. For any one as obsessed with food and health as I am, be sure to head over to my Instagram account for more inspiration. Alternatively, take a look below to learn a little more about me…

About Me

My name is Emily- Em to friends, family, and you lot. I’m a Yorkshire born and bred, 20 year old student of English Literature and Creative Writing- plus a major foodie. I currently live between Yorkshire and Newcastle (where I study).

My passions in life include reading, writing, eating, cooking, rock climbing, lifting weights, amateur photography, YouTube video marathons, and lazy weekends.

My interest in healthy food really got going during my food tech GCSE, which I then carried on to A-Level. I rejected physics, chemistry, and psychology options (winding many people up along the way) until my sixth form ran the course at GCE qualification level- with just me in the first ever class. Which actually suited me fine. For which I am forever grateful to my food technology teacher, as it got me started on Instagram, then on Blogger.

Want to work with me? You can email me at emchap23@gmail.com


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